Why should I service my boiler?

If you live in a home with a hydronic boiler, you may wonder: When do I service my boiler? You may also ask: Why should I service my boiler?

Well we can help you understand why it is important. This is our specialty and our niche.

To start, any natural gas appliance should be maintained. None of them last forever and they produce carbon monoxide gas as a by-product of combustion. We would check over your boiler and make sure it is venting correctly and meeting safety standards. We also recommend everyone have a CO detector in there home.

Carbon Monoxide alarm

With mid-efficient boilers, an inspection of your heat exchanger and refractory would tell us if your boiler is getting the proper air supply in the mechanical space, and if it is in safe drafting condition.

High efficient appliances we inspect the positive pressure venting and terminations. Then ensure the heat exchanger is free of blockages, to allow proper removal of condensate.

Every boiler is equipped with safety controls and a relief valve, circulators and zone controls. We go over the proper functionality of all this equipment, ensuring it is working correctly.

Then we check the water, which is the most important part of your system for longevity. Corrosive/dirty water can destroy hydronic systems and we try to show the customers how and why.

Then we inspect the piping/wiring of the system. Is the piping correct? Some systems are installed incorrecly from day one and give homeowners a bad impression of boilers, all because the incorrect installation of the piping or wiring.

If there is any problems or concerns, we provide you with a report and estimate for your consideration. Then you are aware of any possible complications and can make a decision.

We can NOT leave boilers/furnaces in operation that are back drafting, have damaged refractory, or are in unsafe working condition. They have to be repaired or replaced once we are present, or we turn off the gas. For the simple reason they pose a threat for property damage/loss and possible death with CO poisoning. This is all for liability sake and your appliances in your home are your responsibility to maintain. We are the professionals that work on them and have to ensure they are 100% safe when we leave. For example, if your boiler has flames rolling out from the front we can not recommend you clean the heat exchanger. We have to, or we shut the gas off to it. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you’re safe.

This should give you a better understanding of why you need to service your boiler, as well as what to expect from a boiler servicing. If you’re thinking it’s about time you got your boiler serviced, give us a call.