I can smell sewer gas in my house, what should I do?

Sewer gas is an unpleasant smell to have in your home. Before calling a professional to come check it out, there are a few places that you can look yourself, to get a better idea of what the cause may be. Here’s our list of things to look for first if you are having a sewer gas smell in your home. These types of problem can be difficult to resolve some times. For example, we have found open-ended plumbing lines hidden inside finished walls in the past, which can be tricky to locate. But this list should get you started on the obvious.

Do you have water in your floor drain in your basement?

This is a simple fix, just fill it with some water, and if it is not frequently used you can put a teaspoon of canola or olive oil in after to prevent it from evaporating.

Do your sinks or toilets gurgle or make sounds when any plumbing is being used?

This is a sign of a blocked venting system.

Are your plumbing vents on the roof clear of debris?

Blockages in your plumbing vent will cause some or all of your p-traps to be siphoned, introducing sewer gas into your home.

Have you renovated recently? Relocated any existing washrooms or sinks?

This would be a telltale sign there is a open-ended plumbing drain or vent in your attic, although in some renovations we have seen open ended plumbing vents living in attics for 50 years!

Do you have P-traps under all your sinks?

Some handy men forget to install p traps, and its a simple check to see if you have one or not.

If you still can’t figure out where the sewer gas is coming from, or have isolated the problem and are ready for the next step – give us a call!