Should I turn off my water before I go on vacation?

Shutting off your main water valve is a great idea before leaving for your vacation. You never know what could happen when you’re gone and nothing could ruin the already dreadful feeling of coming back from a vacation more than a flooded home.

A couple of great recommendations we offer for our snowbirds is a WiFi thermostat that can monitor your temperature in your home and send you an alert if the temperature drops below your setting. You can then get in touch with us to have us come and check out your heating so your pipe don’t freeze!

Taco LeakBreakers

Another great idea is having the Taco LeakBreaker installed on your water service to shut the water off to your whole house if you have a flood!

Taco LeakBreaker

It uses a sensor pad that mounts on your floor, preferably near a floor drain or water heater that will shut off the water with an electric valve. These are a great idea and reasonably priced to install.

Give us a call to discuss installing a Taco LeakBreaker!