Boiler Solutions

Have you had your heating boiler serviced recently? We recommend an annual inspection of your heating boiler at the very minimum. We also offer a number of cleaning and maintenance options for your boiler depending on the brand/ type.

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    We Service all Brands

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    Professional diagnosis

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    Thorough Maintenance programs

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    Water analysis

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    Prompt Service

Don’t become vulnerable for expensive repair bills from a lack of maintenance.

Boilers are just like cars, you wouldn’t leave your car without an oil change or checking out your brakes for five years would you?
We have seen 3-4 year old boilers with considerable repair bills due to lack of maintenance.

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My heat is not working? What should I do?

Here are a few tips that may save you on a service call; they are simple to check.

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    Is there power to your boiler?

    You can check your main breaker panel and the switch for the boiler.

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    Is your thermostat turned up?

    This is a common mistake believe it or not, and sometimes the batteries are just dead!

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    Is your intake blocked with snow?

    This is only on high efficient boilers, but it does happen often. Very simple fix!

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    Is your pilot light on?

    These are on the older natural draft boilers. See if you can get your heat going until a service technician can get there to replace the thermocouple. At least it is not an emergency anymore!